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Product Update: archives, digests, and usability

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| by
Mickaël Chevalier
Co-founder & CTO

Happy New Year from the team at TakeTurns! 

For 2023, we’ve added new features to help you get the most out of TakeTurns.  One example, we’ve improved how to download complete archives at the end of a collaboration.

As always, you can learn more about all the new features by visiting the Help Center.  And while you’re there, if you click the “Ask Support” button, you can send us questions, comments, suggestions, or even enhancement requests. 

Please visit the What’s New page for a complete update.  Highlights include:

Download Archive

Download an archive of the collaboration when it completes!  Choose full history to meet record keeping requirements, or just final documents to prepare a closing binder. Learn about archives

Daily chat digest

In collaborations where you have unread chat messages, TakeTurns will email you a nightly digest including unread messages and mentions. Learn about the chat digest

Improved statuses on files

We’ve heard your feedback! File statuses are clearer.  Updates and additions are reported for the current and previous turn only. As before, if you want full details you can visit file history.  Learn about files details and history

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