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TakeTurns for Marketing Professionals

TakeTurns makes it easy to collaborate with agencies, freelancers, consultants, and creators

Meet Katrina. Kat runs marketing at her company. She promotes and drives business for her organization. Katrina collaborates with a wide range of parties outside her company, such as agencies (e.g., SEO, digital, PR), freelancers, consultants, and creators. She and her team use all sorts of tools to collaborate internally, including Slack, Google Workspace,

For her external collaborations, instead of email, Katrina uses TakeTurns.

Katrina, Marketing Director

A better way to work with external parties

TakeTurns is a new way to share, request, review or revise documents and files with your external parties. It’s based on the simple idea of collaborating turn-by-turn.

Here’s why Katrina likes TakeTurns.

Keep projects moving, turn-by-turn

Apply a simple turn-by-turn approach to streamline work with your vendors and avoid unstructured email exchanges.

Keep projects moving, turn-by-turn

See all open activity at a glance

View all open projects, track progress, and identify bottlenecks.

See all open activity at a glance

Keep each project organized

Share, review, revise, and request all your project-related documents (copy, creative, campaign plans, etc) from one place.

Keep each project organized

Free for all participants

Don’t let subscription fees hold you back. Invite everyone who needs to lead, contribute, or follow your project at any time. And, with access to full history, every participant comes up to speed more quickly--including back-ups for when you're out of office.

Free for all participants

Project chat

Stop searching everywhere (Slack, email, WhatsApp, texts, etc) for comments and questions. Use the built-in chat to keep conversations contained.

Project chat

Simplify project management

Link collaborations to your project management tools instead of manually enumerating and documenting every single task

Simplify Project Management

Things you can do with TakeTurns

Share, review & revise documents

  • NDAs & CDAs
  • Contributed articles
  • Campaign content
  • Ads
  • Event plan
  • Creative assets
  • Marketing research
  • White paper
  • Video storyboard
  • Creative brief
  • Marketing guidelines
  • Marketing assets

Request documents from your vendors

  • Proposal
  • Statement of work
  • Agreements
  • Proposed project plans

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