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Collaborate with the outside world

When you work with external parties on documents and files, there’s a good chance it’s on something important. Problem is, everyone uses different apps , so everybody falls back on email to collaborate and coordinate.

TakeTurns is a new way to share, request, review or revise documents and files with your external parties. It’s based on the simple idea of collaborating turn-by-turn.

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Why you should TakeTurns

Spend less time in your inbox and more time on your critical collaborations

Forget those hundreds of confusing email threads with attachments. In TakeTurns, all your external collaborations are in one place. Track changes, requests, deadlines and participants to stay on top of things.

Never ask: “Whose turn is it?”

With TakeTurns, parties collaborate turn by turn, so you always know when it’s your turn to review, respond to requests, or revise files and documents. Everyone can find the latest versions, and see the full history of who did what and when.

Don’t change the way you (and your partners) work

TakeTurns simplifies how you collaborate with external parties without impacting the way you work. Everyone keeps using their favorite apps to create and edit documents, no need to change your workflow.

Build trust and respect, together

Inviting your external parties to TakeTurns means you value transparency and security, and respect everyone’s time. TakeTurns runs on the Collaboration Ledger, an immutable, secure, and distributed transaction ledger that guarantees the integrity of collaborations.

Better security with
ephemeral storage

With TakeTurns, you don't need to worry about your sensitive files being stored permanently in servers or mailboxes. When you complete a collaboration, TakeTurns deletes the associated files and documents after a grace period. This helps you maintain compliance with cybersecurity and privacy policies.

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